Set sail for Crikvenica on a charter yacht

I have always been very fond of traveling around the world and exploring new places. This year, my wife and I, decided to visit Croatia and one of it's popular tourist destinations - Crikvenica. The city is situated on the Adriatic near Rijeka. Because of it's favorable climate, Crikvenica is considered a natural health resort. Together with Selce, it is one of the most attractive parts of the Kvarner. We didn't want to travel via bus or car, so we agreed it was time to try something different. We charted a sailing boat from the company SailingEurope and began our journey across Croatia and the Kvarner bay.

One we reached Crikvenica, we set anchor in the main harbor where there's plenty of room for visiting yachts, ferries and tripper boats. There were no wind indications on that day, but Crikvenica usually has moderate winds during summer months. I would not advise anyone to sail during spring or autumn because of thunderstorms and vicious winds like the "bura".

Once ashore, you'll notice that Crikvenica has a lot to offer. The main attraction for most tourists are the sandy beach resorts that have a lot of fun water activities for you to participate in. Fun for the whole family! After a whole day of swimming and relaxing on the beach, we went ahead and visited one of the more popular restaurants in the vicinity of Crikvenica. The restaurant is located in Selce, a small village close nearby. It is called "Konoba Toc". Some of the best fish delicacies can be ordered there. I had the grouper, and my wife had the mackerel. Both were very delicious!


After a really nice meal, we took a stroll on the boardwalk in Selce and a taxi back to Crikvenica. It was still early in the evening so we had the pleasure of enjoying the rest of the night with music and dancing. It was really fun and very romantic. The town in Crikvenica really springs to life during evening hours!


I hope you will have a lovely stay in Crikvenica and come back to Croatia soon. We sure did and will probably return to Croatia next year. Sailing on a charter boat is a great life experience that everyone should try at least once.